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Organization of Commerce

An Interview With an Eminent Businessman

INTRODUCTION: Entrepreneurship in a very broader sense is delineating as an ingenious and innovative response to the setting. It’s the propensity of mind to require calculated risks confidently to attain preset business targets. Entrepreneurship could be a continued perform instead of a once for all, or probably intermittent activity. The …

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Collection of Common Seals of Different Joint Stock Companies And The Relevant Information About Common Seals

INTRODUCTION: Board of administrators signs numerous Contracts/Agreements, on behalf of the corporation, with the assistance of common seal. The common seal is the official signature of the corporate. It dies or seals on that, the name of the corporation is carved. It’s mounted to a document to prove its genuineness. …

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Prepare a Report of Any Cottage Industry Doing Planning on the Basis of Co-operation

INTRODUCTION: A cottage industry may be a small-scale industry, wherever the creation of merchandise and services is home-based, instead of factory-based. whereas merchandise and services created by house industries are usually distinctive and distinctive, as long as they’re principally not factory-made, producers during this sector usually face manifold after deals …

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Information About The Business Groups Who Are Famous In Their Social Accountability

INTRODUCTION : Social accounting (also called social accounting and auditing, social answerability, social and environmental accounting, company social news, company social responsibility news, non-financial news or accounting) is that the method of communication the social and environmental effects of organizations’ economic actions to specific interest teams among society and to …

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An interview Of A Sole Trader

INTRODUCTION: A sole trader is the simplest kind of business structure and is comparatively simple and cheap to line up. A sole trader is also known as a sole proprietorship. A sole trader typically makes all the choices regarding starting and running your business. Sole ownership is a sort of …

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