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Overview Of Universal Banking

Overview Of Universal Banking In general perception, the term Universal Banking refers to a financial institution offering commercial as well as investment banking services which also include services related to savings, loans, and investments. But in real practice, institutions which offer a wide range of financial services, beyond commercial banking …

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A Project Report On Taxation

A Project Report On Taxation For any research assignment, proper planning is required and the same holds true in the case of the present study. This project is titled “Service tax & Excise Duty”. The reasons behind choosing this project is that I find there is a very interesting topic …

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A Project Report On Study Of Microfinance

A Project Report On Study Of Microfinance There is a mounting hope that microfinance can be large scale poverty alleviation tool for decades India’s poor have been left out of the reach of the bank loans. But out of necessity and enterprise, those locked out of the banking world have …

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