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A Project Report On Case Study On Recruitment And Selection Process

Introduction Of Project

The role of Human Resource Management is an important function concerned with organizational activity aimed at the Betterment of Employee’s performance as individuals and groups in organizational Settings.

Recruitment and selection is the process of attracting individuals on a timely basis insufficient numbers and with appropriate qualifications, to apply for jobs within an organization. The process of searching for prospective employees with multidimensional skills and experience that suit organization strategies in fundamental to the growth of the organization, this demands a more comprehensive strategic perspective recruitment. Organizations require the services of a large number of personnel, these personnel occupy the various positions created for the process of organization. Each position in the organization has certain specific contributions to achieve organizational objectives. The recruitment process of the organization has to be strong enough to attract and select the potential candidates with the right job specifications.

The recruitment and selection process begins with human resource planning and concludes with the selection of the required number of candidates, Both HR staff and operating managers have responsibilities in the process. People are an internal part of an organization today. No organization can run without its HumanResource In today’s highly complex and competitive situation, the choice of the right person at the right place at the right time has far-reaching implications for an organization’s functioning. An employee selected and well-placed would not only contribute to the efficient running of the organization but also offer significant potential for future replacement Thus hiring is an important function.


The selection process is a decision-making process. This step consists of a number of activities. A candidate who fails to qualify for a particular step is not eligible to appear for the subsequent step. Employee selection is the process of putting the right men on the right job. It is a procedure of matching organizational requirements with the skills and qualifications of people. Effective selection can be done only where there is effective matching.

By selecting the best candidate for the required job, the organization will get quality performance of employees. Moreover, organizations face less absenteeism and employee turnover problems. By selecting the right candidate for the required job, the organization will also save time and money. Proper screening of candidates takes place during the selection procedure. All the potential candidates who apply for the given job are tested.

Objective Of The Study:

The objective of the study is to Analysis and Evaluate the selection And Recruitment process for Intelux Electronics Pvt.Ltd.

➢ To Know the Perception of Employees regarding the Recruitment and Selection process.

➢ To Study the Existing Training and Development System in the Organization.

➢ To Study the Employee Satisfaction and Performance Appraisals. ➢ To Conduct Seminars for Employees.


Title – A Project Report On Case Study On Recruitment And Selection Process

Author – Mrs. Bhagyashri Mukundrao Deshmukh

College – Intelux Electronic Pvt Ltd, Pun 

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