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A Project Report On Comparison Study Between Flipkart And Amazon India


  • To understand and estimate the consumer perception and factors affecting their behaviour for choosing e-commerce sites.
  • To understand tactics and methods that are used by e-commerce players to grab customers in India.
  • To know how consumers are evaluating e-commerce sites for their purchases.
  • To understand the workflow of Amazon and Flipkart which are leading in India.
  • To study the complexities and barriers that are there between e-commerce sites and customers.
  • To find out new opportunities and to succeed in those procedures.

Problem Definition

In India e-commerce is evaluated like a giant with huge opportunities and success rate. There are so many big and small players in the market. Are they really going to sustain in the market for a long time and is there a success rate for them? What are customers expecting from them and are they ready to fulfil their requirements? The study is to understand both parties’ requirements and procedures.

Data Collection

The goal for all data collection is to capture quality evidence that then translates to rich data analysis and allows the building of a convincing and credible answer to questions that have been posted.

(1) Primary Data-

Primary data was collected from various people and their opinion and information for the specific purposes of the study helped to run the analysis. In essence, the questions asked were tailored to elicit the data that will help the study. The data was collected through the questionnaire to understand their experience and preference towards their loyal company.

(2) Secondary Data-

To make primary data collection more specific, secondary data will help to make it more useful. It helps to improve the understanding of the problem. Secondary data was collected from various sources such as different business websites and published papers.


Title – A Project Report On Comparison Study Between Flipkart And Amazon India

Author – G. Ramadevi

College – National Institute Of Technology Warangal 

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