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A Project Report On Consumer Perception Towards Online Grocery Stores


Internet is changing the way consumers shop and buy goods and services, and has rapidly evolved into a global phenomenon. Many companies have started using the Internet with the aim of cutting marketing costs, thereby reducing the price of their products and services in order to stay ahead in highly competitive markets.

Companies also use the Internet to convey communicates and disseminate information, sell product, take feedback and also to conduct satisfaction surveys with customers. Customers use the Internet not only to buy the product online but also to compare prices, product features and after-sale service facilities they will receive if they purchase the product from a particular store. Many experts are optimistic about the prospect of online business.

Scope Of The Research

  • To determine which factor influences the consumer to go for online shopping.
  • To find out which feature of the website attracts the user to purchase the product
  • from the online shopping website.
  • To find out whether grocery online shopping is beneficial for the user.
  • To analyse which factors influence the user to buy online groceries.


  • The first limitation caused during the market research was to find out the respondent who shop online and are web savvy.
  • The second limitation caused during the research was searching the women respondents who shop for grocery products along with the experience of online shopping.
  • Another limitation caused in the market research was that the research will only study the consumer perception towards online grocery shopping and not the dealers, wholesalers or retailers‘ perception towards online shopping which acts as an agent to the online retail industry to support its business operations.

Title – A Project Report On Consumer Perception Towards Online Grocery Stores

Author – Abhijit P Jaitapkar

College – University Of Mumbai Kohinoor Business School Kurla Mumbai 

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