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A Project Report On Digital Marketing is Boon Or Bane?


Digital marketing can boost the company which will certainly help the company to reach its destination early. Social media users are increasing day by day. People are getting involves directly or indirectly in the digital world. As a result, Social media users have covered almost 53.33% of the current population and it is increasing every second. Digital marketing can be run through such social media, which targets people on various accept. Social media like Facebook provides users to promote their ads on a worldwide level. Facebook avail to promote the user’s ads at the minimum cost of Rs.40 per day. This ad reaches the unique customer of that locality.

Boon and Bane

Advantage can be related to the number of users present on the Internet. First of all, places which are most diverse are lacking behind to take advantage of digital marketing. Because there is a lack of Internet services. It can be one of the disadvantages. It can’t be considered a total disadvantage because they can get the information through other physical sources.

Similarly, Places with proper services can enjoy digital shopping. Online marketing is by far the most important segment of digital marketing. As traditional channels like TV and radio become less and less valuable, online marketing continues to take up bigger and bigger segments of companies’ marketing budgets, with millions of businesses marketing exclusively via the Internet.


Title – A Project Report On Digital Marketing Boon Or Bane?

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