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A Project Report On Financial Analysis Of Voltas Limited

Human resources & social responsibilities:-

Human resources capabilities are key sources to the company competition advantage. The company strengthened its producers of the talent acquisition development and retention in to gram itself to for expansions Voltas achievements have been match possible because of the employ addiction and commitment.


A ratio is defined as an inculcated quitrent of two mechanical expressions and the relationship between two or make valuable it can be measured in terms of percentage (%) proportion (:) or in times.

The importance and use of ratio has increased and become popular. During the last few years, only prospects insulate creditors and earn mgt if the relationship between various are related with items in this financial statement an established. They can provide useful to judge accurately the financial health and ability of a business to make a profit this relationship between two items of financial statement is known as a ratio.


  • Profitability:- The gross profit ratio, net profit ratio, and the ratio of return on investment give a good idea of the profitability of the business on the basis of the ratio ingested to get an idea about the overall effeminacy of the business.
  • Liquidity:- The current ratio, liquid ratio, acid test ratio or quick ratio will tell whether the business will about to meet its current liabilities and when they mature.
  • Efficiency:- The turnover ratio are excellent guides to because the efficiency of the managers. The stock turn over will indicates the efficiency collection department and asset turnover those the efficiency with which the asset are use in the business.


The gross profit ratio of Voltas at the end of 31-3-2009 is 6.58%. This shows when the sales are 100 against which gross earning is 6.58. it also shows that the sales is 100 against which gross earning is also shows that the margin of 6.58 rupees is available for a sale of every Rs 100 from which operating exp of business are to be recoververed.

The gross profit ratio of Voltas of the end of 31-3-2010 is 8.74% this shows that when the sales are 100 gross profit is 8.74 Rupees. This means that’s there is increase in gross profit ratio of current year as compared to previous year.


Title – A Project Report On Financial Analysis Of Voltas Limited

Author – Sandip. A. Bhavsar

College – K.p Patel School Of Mgt & Computer Studies 

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