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A Project Report On Garment Management System


GARMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM software may be used widely by various garment companies. It is being used globally. It is useful for proper maintenance of records & daily transactions are recorded. In this global market, competition is increasing hence technology plays a vital role in development of respective core sector.

The computerized inventory management systems meet such all requirements of proper storage of daily records & transaction. Usage of computerized system of daily ultimately it will reduce labor requirements & time consumption which wAs it is a modern age life become a faster. Every human is being running toward its achieving goals. Now modern age basically compared with computer age.

In short period of time computer has won the hearts of people. Day by day, use of different software in various business sectors is been increased. So every technology is created through computerization. With respect to recent development in software in India & other countries, there is increase in software companies. Software companies are those companies which provide services to its customer. Therefore to manage such entities there is need of core software systems which provides flexibility between their services to its customers would lead to develop economy.

“GARMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” gives true values to the user about their final goods which is the main objective of the system. In this system you can sell your final goods & also buy the raw materials from the market. It also provides some different facility.

Scope Of The System

The “garment management system” has diversified scope. The scope include stock keeping update along with making bills, sales & purchase records of the different raw material required for production.

The system releases the burden of keeping the manual records of the stock available in the warehouse. The record kept by the system is precise & the record is updated as real time. With this information the company owner is aware about the remaining stock & he will know the recording time & reordering quantity of the certain required material. So the showroom will not face the problem of certain material being out of stock.

The system also generates the bill automatically which helps to calculate the bill amount automatically which will not lead to calculation mistakes which a human being can commit. It saves the time of doing all the calculation. The billing option is provided with the “TAX” calculations. It is also useful to check the stock of the colored material. It can also be useful maxing of different colors to make a specific Material.


The central objective of the project is designing & development of an application program which will help to the organization to buy raw material from the market and sell the finished good the market (different whole-seller, shops, etc.)

This application is developed to make employees if the organization more convenient with the system os buying & selling raw material & finished goods respectively.

The primary objectives of this project are as follows:-

  • To provide accurate & instant reporting by reducing requirements of the manpower, ultimately it will save time consumption.
  • To provide better management reports & queries quickly at all level for effective decisions-making.
  • Entering & updating new mention data through single point.
  • Proper storage of daily record.
  • Effective software system would be provided that would reduce the paper work considerably.
  • To make the system friendlier with GUI based applications.
  • Efficient backup & storage facility for the data/details.
  • Technically skilled labor requirement will be reduced as the user would control everything.
  • Computerized auditing can be done.

Title – A Project Report On Garment Management System

Author – Ravi Yadav

College – College Of Commerce Kusgaon (Bk.) Lonavala, Pune  

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