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A Project Report On Gas Agency


Roshani Gas Agency provides to get a new gas connection and also provides to refill empty bottles of gas. They also provide equipment like the hot-plates, regulators, tubes, lighters, etc. Its responsibility is to keep track of:

  • customer information
  • stock information
  • booking information
  • reports

Existing System

  • In the manual system, to add a new customer they have to add their records in the register.
  • Suppose customers leave the town or city, so their records should be deleted. They delete their records from various registers.
  • If a customer wants to change his or her address, it is difficult to update or change his or her profile in the register
  • When a customer comes for cylinder refills they have to first check their validity. Then they will book his refill in the register, which is very time-consuming.
  • In the manual system, they have to daily update the stock register.

Problem Identification

  • It is really very difficult to maintain the all records.
  • Such operations can not work properly like add, delete, update, etc.
  • It doesn’t have any security of data.
  • It is very difficult to search any records of old transaction
  • It is very time-consuming.
  • Duplication of records may occur.

Proposed Of New System

  • The new system that maintains all the records and transaction
  • All operations will work properly.
  • This system has to provide more facilities for counting and generating bills.
  • Become very understandable and easier for the user.
  • All register values are stored properly and are easy to search.

Title – A Project Report On Gas Agency

Author – Dipen.Y.Patel

College – N/A 

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