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A Project Report On Govind Dairy


India has shown the world an enormous all-round development in the past decade. What’s seen, as an important growth through is it being called “The Oyster” of the global dairy industry? Dairy activities have conventionally been an integral part of India’s rural economy. We are not only the world’s largest producer of dairy products and also their largest consumers. Nearly total produce is consumed in the domestic market making us neither an importer nor an exporter, except in a marginal sense. Anyhow, this fact has not contributed to or encouraged the organizational development of this sector in our country in anyways. We lack in terms of being able to make use of our resources to the fullest, let alone making profits out of it.

Providentially, this issue has grabbed the eyes of the government and stakeholders calling in the much-needed impulse to organization and modernization of the sector. Appropriate efforts are being made to intensify production through aids, like easy credit facilities, dairy-friendly policies, etc. The National Dairy Plan is one such scheme, implemented in phases across a period of 2011– 17 with a total investment of about 2242 crore. Its main objective is to help provide rural milk producers with greater access to the organized milk–processing sector. With such widespread reforms, a new wave of white revolution is expected in the near future. India embraces the potential to be one of the leading players in milk and milk product exports.

The vision of the Company:

To enhance leaving standards of the farmers by encouraging them to do dairy farming by partnering with them on various fronts to implement the best dairy farm management systems by adopting the loose housing barns method thus ensuring healthy animals resulting in a lowering of production cost & increase in productivity.

The mission of the Company:

We will end the endeavor to improve leaving standards of Indian cattle Farmers by reducing the cost of production through the efficient use of technologies & systems. We will provide premium quality products at reasonable prices to end customers.


Title – A Project Report On Govind Dairy

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