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A Project Report On H&M


When I came to university in one of the first lectures teachers told the phrase which is always present in my head. He told us that our role is to become more attentive and each time we travel we shall notice what is missing in the country, and what new you can bring into it.

Since I started living in Aalborg I found out that the thing I really like to do is shopping, because prices on clothes are much lower than in Riga, but it doesn’t affect negatively the design or quality of the product. One such shops is H&M.

When I was in Latvia I noticed that H&M does not exist yet in the Latvian market. To find out the plans of the company I checked their webpage and noticed information that H&M is actually planning to enter the Latvian market in autumn 2012. That made me interested in suggesting the market entry strategy from the perspective of the Latvian citizen. The project will be divided into 2 main parts, analysis and strategy itself using the relevant models.


As the main location of all the big shopping malls is in Riga, the entry strategy will be chosen just this city. To limit the number of shopping malls in which H&M stores will be located, I will choose only one, which will be the most preferred in Riga. This information I plan to get from the questionnaire.

Due to a mistake in the questionnaire in the report analysis of the clothes section for pregnant women is absent. H&M has also H&M Home products, but the project will be analyzed only the clothes and accessories of H&M.

About H&M

H&M, or using its full name Hennes & Mauritz, is a Swedish global retail-clothing company, which was founded in 19471 by Erling Persson. The first store was opened in Västerås, Sweden where was sold women’s clothing. In the next years, stores were opened in Stockholm (1952) and in Norway (1964). In the year 1968, the founder buys the hunting and fishing equipment store Mauritz Widforss. Since then the company is known as Hennes & Mauritz. In the same year, sales of men’s and children’s clothing begin.


Title – A Project Report On H&M

Author – Anna Atgāze

College -n/a 

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