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A Project Report On Lakme Product Awareness


The high priestess of a sacred Indian temple meets an English army officer who’s unwittingly strayed into holy ground. They fall in love. Her orthodox father vows vengeance… That’s the story of Lakmé, a 19th-century opera written by Frenchman Leo Delibes, from which Simone Tata borrowed the name Lakmé (French for Lakshmi, the name of the priestess).

The current size of the Indian cosmetic market is approximately US$ 600 million. Of this, the fastest growing segment is color cosmetics, accounting for around US$ 60 million of the market. Industry sources estimate a rapid growth rate of 20 percent per annum across different segments of the cosmetics industry reflecting an increasing demand for all kinds of beauty and personal care products. Growth has come mainly from the low and medium-priced categories that account for 90 percent of the cosmetics market in terms of volume.

Even with a 20 percent average growth rate, the per capita consumption of cosmetics is very low in India. Current per capita expenditure on cosmetics is approximately US$ 0.68 cents as compared to US$ 36.65 in other Asian countries. However, with changing lifestyles, higher disposable incomes, increasing advertising, penetration of satellite television, awareness of the Western world, and the growing importance of beauty pageants, there have been significant changes, and the use of cosmetics is on the rise.


1 Help in building a positive association with people thereby enhancing brand personality

2 How to break the negative connotation of ‘’Being fashionable’’

3 Why has Lakme missed out on promotional gauge despite roping in top brand ambassadors?

4 How can the brand retain its lost spot?


Title – A Project Report On Lakme Product Awareness

Author – Rekha

College – Deenbandhu Chottu Ram University Of Science And Technology Murthal, Sonipat (Haryana)  

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