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A Project Report On Nykaa

History Of Cosmetics

The discovery of the art of photography and of films, particularly, provided the impetus to a sudden growth in cosmetics. As watchers saw images of famous people with perfect complexion and strong sexual appeal, the standards of a woman’s beauty started to change. Cosmetics have become a means to beautify one’s physical appearance.


The Indian industry is growing and projected to become one of the top 5 global markets by revenue. The Indian consumer is exposed to international brands more than ever before and is backed by the technological advancement. Increasing disposable income and image consciousness are making it favourable to invest in the industry. My aim of this project is to introduce a new range of Nykaa products, which would focus on moving the brand from mid-market sector to the premium growing market. Though Nykaa has witnessed exceptional growth in Indian history, the attractiveness of the industry lures many competitors which make its importance for Nykaa to strategize market domination by maximising market share.


The beauty industry worldwide is blooming. This growth is being witnessed in India as well. With more and more companies trying to get a share of the market, competition is on the rise. Indian cosmetics industry particularly lacks a strong Indian origin brand in the premium product segment. This leave a gap for introducing a product range that is made by an Indian cosmetics brand with aesthetics that speaks directly to the Indian consumer. The consumer is willing to climb the premium ladder and so it is the right time to introduce premium product category by blending the existing brand DNA and current market trends.


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