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A Project Report On Sales Service At Hero Honda


The Indian two-wheeler industry has grown from a meager 900 vehicles in 1950 to a staggering figure of over 1.5 million vehicles in 1988, with petrol prices costing eight times as much as 15 years ago, few persons nowadays afford to maintain a car . The opinion is either to own two wheelers or aviate for the public transportation system. But the service offered by public transport in different cities, by and large, had deteriorated and thus covalence and independent in traveling short distances it is also a status symbol of the middle-class class people are urban and semi-urban regions.

Beyond 1950 motorcycles were manufactured in our country itself by using simple technology low engine capacity etc. After the 1980s when the government introduced a liberal import licensing policy the Hero Group collaborated with the Honda Group of Japan and started with the name Hero Honda a successful two-wheeler manufacturing company After the collaboration the company increased its vehicle CC capacity, engine capacity, and mileage and they enter into four stroke and today they are the India’s No1.Manufacturer of two-wheelers.


  • To analyze various post-sales services provided by Venkatesh Authorized Dealer Gulbarga.
  • To determine customer satisfaction level based on post-sales service provided.
  • To understand the behavior of the staff with customers.
  • To suggest measures to improve customer satisfaction and improve quality of service.

Purpose Of Study

The main purpose of the study is to know whether the customers are satisfied with the services provided by Venkatesh Authorized Dealer is satisfied or not.

Literature Review

About the study customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the key to success. Getting your customers to tell you what’s good about your product or services and where you need improvement helps you to ensure that your business measures up to their expectations. The attached file contains a customer satisfaction survey designed to help you gather this important information it was designed to make it easy for customers to fill out & to make it easy for you

Customer Satisfaction Defined

The reason for a business firm to come into being is the existence of a customer who has unfilled needs and wants. Hero Honda has advantage of having the widest product range in all market segments in which it operates, putting itself in a unique position of providing just the product, but the best economic solution to its customers thus fulfilling the unfilled needs.

Hero Honda keeps itself abreast of the new and emerging technologies and adopting them to deliver high quality and high performance vehicles to their end customers. Customer satisfaction has been conceptualized in several ways. It consists of expectations, performance interaction, pleasure/displeasure, and the evaluation of the benefits of consumption.


Title – A Project Report On Sales Service At Hero Honda

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