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A Project Report On Zara


It is a group of over 700 stores located worldwide whose main aim was to deliver fashion apparel at a reasonable cost to young fashion-conscious city dwellers. Zara identified clothes with low cost but high fashion. here the critical focus is to design and display an attractive setting in their stores’ presentations in order for them to entice customers.


1975- the Opening of Zara’s first store was opened in La Coruña, in Northwest Spain 1976- along with the operation of its first stores in Spain, GOASAM was also founded by the owner of ZARA stores. 1985- INDITEX was established as the head of the corporate group 1988- In December of this year ZARA opened its first store outside of Spain in Oporto Portugal 1989- A new outlet was opened in New York (US) 1990- Another new outlet was opened in Paris (France).

Marketing Strategy

Only spends about 0.3% of its revenue on promotion. Places much focus and emphasis on their product, place and pricing as opposed to promotion Rarely advertises any store sales or has sales promotions other than sale items Their innovative products and affordable pricing keeps customers returning to their stores Their products seemingly advertise themselves.


Title – A Project Report On Zara

Author – Priya Amarnani, Jareth Arnold, Abisai Cervantes, Joseph Ermoff, Robert Montero Karishma Sadarangani, Gilory Ushe,r Angela Villanueva

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