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A Study On Attrition Analysis


Employee attrition is one of the critical problems which are faced by HR managers during these days. Attrition in BPO not only pushes up costs incurred on the training of employees but is also productive along with the ideal level of “knowledge maturity” of the organization and the employees. The organization hascanthstand its long-lasting relationship with employees and would survive in the marketplace place and others would fade away in the long run. The final solution of BPO lies in the stabilization of business operations and the availability of trained and matured manpower in abundance which may bring a long-lasting solution for the high attrition in the sector. More committed employees at all levels will help this industry to stabilize, grow, and add value to economic growth.

The reason for the high rate of attrition in the BPO sector particularly the call center segment ranges from lack of comfort to enrichment potential in terms of career growth. The growth of the BPO industry mainly depended on the cost-effectiveness and quality of the manpower.

The reasons for the employees to leave his organization were endless but the reason why the employees leave the organization varies according to the nature of the business. In the BPO industry, the employees consider multiple comfort levels while working in an office for example employers’ goodwill in the market, remuneration, future growth, working conditions, stress generated by the nature of the job, and workload, co-workers, current role’s scope in the market &most important future stability with the organization.


Employee attrition is a situation faced by an organization or employer when new employees leave the organization to join another organization when they get offers. Generally, employee attrition will be very high when there is a pressing need for employees in a particular industry due to mass retirements or expansion of the organization.

Attrition, in Human Resource terminology, refers to the phenomenon of the employees leaving the company. Attrition in a company is usually measured with a metric called attrition rate, which simply measures the number of employees moving out of the company.


“A reduction in the number of employees through retirement, resignation or death”. Normally an uncontrollable reduction of the workforce because of retirement, death, sickness, and relocation. It is one method of reducing the size of the workforce without management taking any overt action.

Labor turnover may be defined as “the rate of change in working staff of a concern during a definite period” Labour turnover may be expressed in the form of the percentage of workers left during a specific period like one year out of the total labour force employed.


Title – A Study On Attrition Analysis

Author – Mohana Priya .A

College – University Of Madras 

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