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A Study On Brand Dettol And Its Future

The Most Trusted Brand

Dettol has been always voted as “The Most Trusted Brand” in India. Dettol celebrated its Platinum jubilee celebrations in 2008 with a improved ranking from 52 to 16 from the previous year among the best 100 brands in India. This journey starting from 1933 was certainly not easy and it took a great effort from the team at Reckitt to root out the age old customs and methods of first aid.

They taught the Indian market about

  • How an antiseptic smells like?
  • How an antiseptic feels like when applied on wound/bruises?
  • Perceiving how it provides hygiene and kills germs?
  • How it makes the water cloudy ?attributing this to its strong antiseptic properties.


  • First mover advantage.
  • Brand strength
  • High mind and heart share
  • Brand extensions
  • Marketing and social welfare activities

Title -A Study on Brand Dettol and Its Future-

Author -Harsh

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