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A Study On Buying Behavior Of Customers Towards The Household Sections In Big Bazaar


As customers’ tastes and preferences are changing, the market scenario is also changing from time to time. Today’s market scenario is very different from that of the market scenario before 1990. There have been many factors responsible for the changing market scenario. It is the changing tastes and preference of customer which has bought in a change in the market. The income level of the people has changed; lifestyles and social class of people have completely changed now than that of olden days. There has been a shift in the market demand in today’s world. Technology is one of the major factors which is responsible for this paradigm shift in the mark. Today we can see a new era in the market with the opening up of many departmental stores, hypermarkets, shopper’s stops, malls, branded retail outlets and speciality stores. In today’s world shopping is not any more tiresome work rather it’s a pleasant outing phenomenon now.

Big bazaar ‘Isse Sasta Aur Acha Kahin Nahin’ is the hypermarket discount store initiative of the company (Pantaloon) commissioned to address the discount & bargain-hunting tendency of the Indian shopper . Driven by the sounding success of the concept, four Big Bazaars were rolled out across2,00000 Sq. ft. in Hyderabad, Bangalore, & Mumbai. These include Men’s, Ladies, and children’s apparel, utensils, kitchenware, stationery, luggage, toys, optical products, a photo studio & an STD booth among others . Big Bazaar has more than 50 sales offers across its countries at any time &these discounts range from 6 to 60%. The magic of the concept is reflected in the footfall. At Big Bazaar, the price was the principal value proposition at these stores. Schemes of Big Bazaar are very popular like ‘buy two get one free’. Also, positioning & product availability in Big Bazaar gained a higher share of the customer’s shopping basket.

Objectives Of Study

  1. To find out the source from where the respondents came to know about Big Bazaar (a division of Pantaloon).
  2. To find out the customer’s response about the Layout & Display of Big Bazaar.
  3. To find out the availability of products in the Household section.
  4. To find out the quality satisfaction of Plastics, utensils, and appliances in the Household section.
  5. To find out the Price satisfaction level among customers.
  6. To find out the availability & capability of salesperson’s service stranded at the Household section.
  7. To find out the most preferred brands in Plastics, and appliances.
  8. To check whether Discounts or Schemes affect the buying behaviour of respondents.

Title – A Study On Buying Behavior Of Customers Towards The Household Sections In Big Bazaar Of Lucknow

Author – Swapnil Sinha

College – IMS, Lucknow University 

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