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A Study On Customer Satisfaction On Mobile And Broadband Service Of BSNL


A customer is the most important person ever in this office in person or by mail. A customer is not dependent on us .A customer is not someone to argue or match wills with. Nobody ever won an argument with a customer. A customer is a person who brings us his wants. It is our job to handle them profitably to him and to ourselves.

Today, more companies are recognizing the importance of satisfying and retaining customers. Satisfied customers constitute the company’s relationship capital. If the company were to be sold, the acquiring company would have to pay not only for the plant and equipment and the brand name, but also for the delivered customer base, namely, the number and value of the customers who would do business with the new firm. Here are some interesting facts bearing on customer retention.

Whether the buyer is satisfied after purchase depends on the offers performance in relation to the buyer expectation. In general satisfaction are a person’s feelings of pleasure or disappointment resulting to his/her expectation. If the performance falls short of expectation, the customer is dissatisfied; if the performance matches the expectation customer is satisfied. If the performance exceeds the expectation the customer is highly satisfied.

Measuring Of Consumer Satisfaction

Organizations are increasingly interested in retaining existing consumer while targeting no-consumer . Measuring consumers satisfaction provides an indication of how successful the organization is at providing products and, or service to the market place.

Consumers’ satisfaction is an ambiguous and abstract concept and the actual manifestation of satisfaction will vary from person to person and product/service to product/service. Thestate of satisfaction depends on a number of both.

Psychological and physical variables which correlate with satisfaction behavior such as return and recommend rate. The level of satisfaction can also vary depending on other options the consumer can compare the organizations product.

The Objectives Of Customer Satisfaction Are As Follows:

  1. To measure how the customer perceives performance against requirements comparing that of competitors.
  2. To measure whether there is any significant difference in the level of customer behavior between different types of customers or within different divisions of the company.
  3. To identify whether discrepancies exist between your customer and what constitutes the ideal level of service.
  4. To determine precisely customer products/ service require To do a thorough analysis of the company and its ethics, norms, etc.
  5. To understand the culture and basis of the service provider (BSNL).
  6. To throw light upon the functional areas of the company and its mutual cooperation with other departments.
  7. To undertake a SWOT analysis of the company and to find out the key areas.

Title – A Study On Customer Satisfaction On Mobile And Broadband Service Of Bsnl Mangalore

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