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A Study On Customer Satisfaction Towards Google Pay


Digital payment changed the buying behavior of Indian society. It prevents the black money market. It helps the government to maintain a record of all transactions. Digital Payment Habit has changed after demonetization. People have no other option for transactions so Indian society moves slowly from cash to a digital transaction system. Earlier, when digital payment introduces people hesitate to change their transaction habits but after demonetization, they force to do their transactions with digital payment. This research is on customer satisfaction with using Wallet or digital payment applications.

The way a consumer perceives digital transactions after demonetization affects a lot in the society, of Indian culture In recent times technology plays a very vital role in this, the way we transact in daily life has changed drastically with the advent of Smartphones the life has become easier where all payments & transaction are taking place on online. The present study focuses on measuring customer satisfaction with the Google Pay app.

Objectives Of The Study:

  • To Understand the various factors involved in using mobile wallets.
  • To Understand the different factors that influence the customer to use Google Pay.
  • To know what the different challenges faced by customers wheal using Google Pay.
  • To understand the profile of various online payment service products.

Scope Of The Study:

  • The scope of the study is to find out the level of customer satisfaction with Google Pay.
  • To identify the customer’s views regarding quality, service
  • This research will include data collection and methodology through questionnaires as a tool to identify the
  • specific problems within the organization, and trying to find out the subsequent remedies for this.

Title – A Study On Customer Satisfaction Towards Google Pay

Author -Rahul Kurabet

College – Institute Of Excellence In Management Science Hubbali 

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