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A Study On Job Satisfaction Of Employees At Different Bank


A bank is a financial institution that provides banking and other financial services to their customers. A bank is generally understood as an institution which provides fundamental banking services such as accepting deposits and providing loans. There are also nonbanking institutions that provide certain banking services without meeting the legal definition of a bank. Banks are a subset of the financial services industry.

Introduction Of Axis Bank

Government of India allowed new private banks to be established.Axis Bank Ltd. has been promoted by the largest and Axis Bank established in 1993 was the first of the new private banks to have begun operations in 1994 after the the best Financial Institution of the country, UTI. The Bank was set up with a capital of Rs. 115 crore, with UTI contributing Rs. 100 crore, LIC – Rs. 7.5 crore and GIC and its four subsidiaries contributing Rs. 1.5 crore each.Axis Bank is one of the first new generation private sector banks to have begun operations in 1994.


Title -A Study to Find Out Impact of HRD Climate on Job Satisfaction of Employees Working in Pharmaceutical Sector Within Ahmedabad

Author – Ravi Patel

College -Gujarat Technological Universit 

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