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A Study On Non-performing Assets At SBI, Bengaluru

Executive Summary

The origin of the State Bank of India returns to the main decade of the 90th century. It started with the foundation of the bank of Calcutta on second June 1806.The financial part is the area of the economy dedicated to the holdings of money related to the resources of other people, contributing to those budgetary resources as the influence to make more wealth and to regulate certain activities by government organizations.

Introduction About Project

Project activity is an essential part of the academic curriculum of VTU MBA. It’s a resourceful gap between understanding and it is application through various series of intervention with the objective to give exposure to the corporate world and to get a practical experience project is included in the academics.

Objectives Of The Study

  • To study the impact of NPA in the banks.
  • To analyse the profitability of the bank and to understand the connection relating to the mechanism of the bank
  • To understand the concept of NPA and the difference of assets classification by the
  • bank. And to go through the precautions and measure taken by the bank to avoid NPA

Title -A Study on Non Performing Assets at Sbi, Bengaluru



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