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A Working Report on Foreign Exchange Banking Services at Basic Bank Ltd

Objectives Of The Study

The main objective of the study is to highlight the major documents used by BASIC Bank Ltd. While dealings with foreign exchange banking to understand how the services are rendered.

  • To identify the documents used in foreign trade of BASIC Bank Ltd.
  • To appraise export, import & remittance of the same bank.
  • To acquire knowledge and find the relationship between practical and theoretical background.
  • To examine various factors and techniques used in foreign exchange operations

Scope Of The Report

This report will cover the Analysis of Foreign Exchange Banking Services of BASIC Bank Limited. It will give a wide view of the different stages of the operational procedure of BASIC Bank Limited, starting from the Import, Export and Remittance with total Foreign Exchange Procedures.

Limitations Of The Study

Despite all our coordination with the bank officials, I faced some limitations. The main problem I faced in preparing the paper was the inadequacy and lack of availability of required data. This report is an overall view of the Foreign Exchange Operations of BASIC Bank Ltd. But there is some limitation to preparing this report. These barriers, which hinder my work, are as follows:

  • Difficulty in accessing the latest data of internal operations.
  • Learning & gathering experience in all the banking functions was really tough.
  • Another limitation of this report is Bank‟s policy is not disclosing some data and information for obvious reasons, which could be very much useful.
  • Non-availability of some preceding and latest data in a systematic way.
  • I was placed in this department for only 3 months of time and working like a regular employee hindered the opportunity to put a better effort into my study.
  • Since the bank personnel were very busy, they could provide me with very little time.

Title – A Working Report On Foreign Exchange Banking Services: An Analysis Of The Basic Bank Limited

Author – Ishrat Jabin

College -Independent University Bangladesh 

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