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Development Of Pneumatic Multi-purpose Gear Oil Refiller

Project On- Development Of Pneumatic Multi-purpose Gear Oil Refiller

Background of the Study

The automotive industry is one of the world’s most significant contributors in the economy. It is composed by a variety of companies and organizations that primarily design, develop, manufacture, market and sell motorized vehicles to the consumers. The automotive industry and institutions around the world are plagued by problems like lack of tools and equipment that is why institutions should provide proper training corresponding to the actual tools and equipment that will be used to enhance the skills of the trainee.

A vehicle has underchassis components that need proper fluids in order to function properly. The transmission is one of the most essential parts of automobile which utilize the same source of energy. It is the secondary power source that helps the engine works. Without the transmission, the car cannot move. There are two main types of transmission, the manual and automatic transmission. Transmission oil is used to lubricate the transmission components to have peak power. It also acts as a cooling agent in vehicles with automatic transmission. Automatic transmissions use regular automatic transmission fluid. Manual transmission oil can change, using plain motor oil, a transmission oil known as a high viscosity gear oil, or automatic transmission fluid (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2014).

Objective Of The Study

The general research objective is the development of a Pneumatic Multi-purpose Gear oil Refiller.
Specifically, the study aims to:

  • Design Pneumatic Multi-Purpose Gear Oil Refiller.
  • Fabricate Pneumatic Multi-Purpose Gear Oil Refiller.
  • Test the functionality and reliability of the Pneumatic Multi-purpose Gear Oil
  • Evaluate the performance or reliability of the developed the Pneumatic Multipurpose Gear Oil Refiller using the TUP Evaluation Instrument.

Scope And Limitations Of The Study

This study focused on the design of a Pneumatic Multi-Purpose Gear Oil Refiller. This is composed by steering pump, oil reservoirs, impact wrench adapter, electric drill motor hydraulic hoses, pulleys, drive belts, control valves and steel angular bar frames. The steering pump will serve as a pump for the oil powered by either impact wrench or the integrated electric motor to rotate the steering pump in order to transfer oil from the oil reservoir to the underchassis gear components. The oil reservoir will serve as the container of gear oil. The hydraulic hose served as a pressure line that will be connected to the oil reservoir and the power steering pump. The control valve shall prevent the gear oil to flow from the reservoir to the transmission or differential when not in use. The impact wrench shall be inserted in the adapter to power the steering pump pulley to rotate and be operational, if there is no impact wrench present, an integrated electric motor can be used to operate the steering pump connected via pulleys and drive belts. The entire project frame shall be composed of steel angular bars and flat bars where the rest of the components shall be installed.


Title -Development Of Pneumatic Multi-purpose Gear Oil Refiller


College -Technological University of the Philippines  

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