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Furniture Showroom Management System

Project On Furniture Showroom Management System


The Project deals with the development of the computerized system for maintaining the regular records and services that are undertaken in the furniture business. This project has been aimed to design and computerized system that can handle various activities are been carried out at the Furniture Showroom. In the existing system all the activities and record maintenance of the furniture showroom are done manually by the manager.


Implementation is used here to mean the process of converting a new or revised system design into operational one; conversion is one aspect of implementation. The other aspect is post implementation review and software and maintenance.


To conclude, this project is very flexible and user-friendly. This project is developed such that it can be executed in any system. Security is also maintained. This system is protected from any unauthorized person to access the system. The software was tested thus providing maximum load to the server and was found working fast and effective.


Title -Furniture Showroom Management System

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