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Marketing Project On WOW Momo

Comment on the strengths and weaknesses of WOW

The company has a reliable distribution network which allows it to reach the majority of its potential market. Secondly, it has a high level of customer satisfaction which is achieved by training of staff along with high quality and hygiene gives it to advantage. It is a very innovative brand given by experimentation of new ideas such as introducing stores in metro stations, corporate tech parks, and Amusement parks. This strength has not only to help Momo Inc. to retain the share of the existing customer base but also help in penetrating new markets.

Capturing Environmental Insights

In this section you are continuing the analysis part of the plan. Specifically, you are concerned with analysing the micro and macro environment. Several tools and techniques should be used to perform this environmental analysis, including where relevant:

  • PESTLE analysis
  • Product Life Cycle (PLC)
  • Porter’s Five Forces
  • Cluster Development


Title -Marketing Project On WOW Momo-

Author -Saira Naseer

College -University of Management and Technology  

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