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Practical Training in Brac Bank Limited

Project On- Practical Training in Brac Bank Limited

Executive Summary

This report is prepared on the basis of “On Desk Training in Commercial Banking” at BRAC Bank Ltd. The training program helped us to acquire knowledge about the practical situation of a financial institution. This program helped us to implement our theoretical knowledge in to practical and realistic work environment.

In the age of modern civilization, bank is playing vital role to keep the wheel of economic development moving. Bank provides means and mechanisms of transferring command over resources of those who have excess of income to those who can make use of the same for adding to the volume of productive capital. There are a large number of small amount of savings that are generally reluctant to invest their surplus income because of their lack of adequate knowledge about complicated investment affairs. The bank provides them with the safety, liquidity, and profitability of savings. Banks take deposits and invest those deposits in higher degrees of return and maximize their profit in business.

Objectives Of The Report

The main objective of the study is to know over all banking of BRAC Bank Ltd. and to have an overall idea on how it operates in the competitive markets deliver with customer’s satisfaction and retain them. Besides this main objective there are some specific objectives.

  • To know the facilities offered by the BRAC Bank Limited to develop their customer’s satisfaction and retain them.
  • To familiarize rules and regulation provided by Bangladesh Bank.
  • To know about the marketing process and plan of BRAC Bank Limited that attain it the premier financial institution.
  • To be familiar with day to day functioning and services offered by a commercial bank.

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