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Although environmental issues has influenced all activities but very few academic disciplines have inculcated green issues into their literature. Even till dated it has not been inculcated a must be taught subject in all most all management and related higher education level but one business area where environment issues have received a great deal of importance is marketing. Smart business houses have accepted green marketing as a part of their strategy. Though our understanding about green marketing still in the stage of infancy, in this paper the author is trying to identify key ideas in relation to promote green product that may be most relevant to both scholars and the practitioners of green marketing.

What Is Green Marketing?

Environmental issues have gained importance in business as well as in public life through out the world. It is not like that a few leaders of different countries or few big renowned business houses are concerned about the day to day deterioration of oxygen level in our atmosphere but every common citizen of our country and the world is concerned about this common threat of global warming. So in this scenario of global concern, corporate houses has taken green-marketing as a part of their strategy to promote products by employing environmental claims either about their attributes or about the systems, policies and processes of the firms that manufacture or sell them.

Importance Of Green Marketing:

Since early 1990s, a major concern on ecological impact of industrial house on environment has been surfaced on marketplace. Not only the relation between human, organization and natural environment being redefined ,but the implication thereof are being interpreted; because of these, new perceptions are being formed or re-evaluated on issues like environmental friendly products, recycle ability, waste-reduction, the cost associated with pollution and the price value relationship of environmentalism. Pressure from various stakeholders, Govt., environmentalists, NGOs, consumers is placed on businesses, which in turn keeps them under constant and relentless watch in their daily operations.


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