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Project Report On Banking And Schemes At The Patiala Central Cooperative Bank Ltd


While walking in the streets of any town or city you might have seen some signboards on buildings with names-Canara Bank, Punjab National Bank, State Bank of India, United Commercial Bank, etc. What do these names stand for? Did you ever try to know about them? If you enter any such building you will find some kind of a business office. You will see some employees sitting behind counters dealing with visitors standing in front of them. You will find that some are depositing money at one counter while some are receiving money at another counter. Behind the counters in the office you will see tables and chairs occupied by officers.

Objective of Study

  • To get information about a cooperative bank & its functions etc.
  • To know the structure and various schemes of loans provided by The Central Cooperative Bank Head Office Patiala.
  • To know the purpose of granting various types of loans by the bank according to the various categories of customers.
  • To know the process of granting loans by the bank.

Introduction to Cooperative Banks

Co-operative banks are small-sized units organised in the co-operative sector which operate both in urban and non-urban centers. In India, co-operative banks finance small borrowers in industrial and trade sectors, besides professional and salary classes. Cooperative banks perform the main banking functions of deposit mobilisation, supply of credit and provision of remittance facilities. They provide limited banking products and are specialists in agriculture-related products.


Title -Report on banking and Schemes

Author – Sushil Kumar

College -Punjabi University 

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