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Project Report On Customer Satisfaction At Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd.

Introduction to Company

Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. has been a pioneer in this revolutionary concept of the Franchisee Model having achieved resounding success in the middle-tier steel segment on the regional front. After studying the market trends and identifying the companies manufacturing steel products, Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. offers them its’ brand name and assists in technology, quality consistency, and marketing of the Kamdhenu brand of products. This mode of concept serves a dual purpose. The franchisee units benefit a lot by availing of Kamdhenu’s brand premium and strong marketing network. While Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. benefits from the royalty that gets from these franchisees for using its brand name.

The model also gives a unique identity to the franchisee units and helps them in leveraging their level of operations and quality to sustain well amidst rising competition in the steel sector. And ultimately it also benefits the customer, who gains the most by getting top-quality products at the most effective prices. The new Franchisee Model adopted by Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. is really changing the way its partners do business regionally. The trusted name of Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd.

Benefits To Franchisees

  • This alliance provides the franchisee units with Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. expertise and experience for an efficient business.
  • A ready platform in the niche market gives a facelift to this unorganized sector/new enterprises.
  • Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd.’s brand leverage to the franchisee units is also immense.
  • It also gives them access to Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd.’s nationwide marketing network.
  • They can avail of Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd of quality assurance and technological expertise.
  • They also get the assistance of Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. centralized promotion support.
  • Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd.’s wider presence helps them with the easy & fast availability of bank funding.

The Stockyard Model

The stockyard model adopted by Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. is also a step towards achieving more decentralization in its’ daily activities. By initiating a direct marketing policy of setting up stockyards at various strategic locations, Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. has led to the easy availability of goods throughout the country. Efficient mobility of products between the production units and the market is the prime motive of Kamdhenu behind setting up stockyards across the Entire country.

Kamdhenu’s strategically placed stockyards help its’ corporate clients/institutions in improving their inventory control due to fast delivery at the site in minimum time. Controlled by our centralized marketing mechanism, Kamdhenu’s stockyards have proved beneficial to its long list of corporate clients/institutions.


Title – Project Report On Customer Satisfaction At Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd.

Author – Ashish Chanoriya

College – Department Of Management Studies Mata Gujri College, Fatehgarh Sahib 

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