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Project Report On Insurance Management System

Purpose Of The System

This web site is an online micro insurance Analysis and information management system that provides easy access of information regarding the people and resources of insurance. This site is not a static site but with wonderful dynamic facilities like search tools for insurance awareness articles, guidelines, illustrations through images for visitors. This site also provides several dynamic features.


The main purpose of this project is to estimate some important statistics of Micro insurance in the current market of India by gathering and analyzing data which is available. The statistics will be useful to prepare better insurance plans to boost up the Life Insurance industry in India.

Security And Maintenance

Maintenance involves the software industry captive, typing up system resources .It means restoring something to its original condition. Maintenance follows conversion to the extend that changes are necessary to maintain satisfactory operations relative to changes in the user’s environment. Maintenance often includes minor enhancements or corrections to problems that surface in the system’s operation. Maintenance is also done based on fixing the problems reported, changing the interface with other software or hardware enhancing the software.


Title -Insurance Management System

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