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Project Report On Study Of Conflict Management Strategies


In any business concern, the four factors of production man, machine, material, and money are very important to achieve the goals of the organization. Among the four factors, man is the living being and the prior cause for the success of the organization than the other factors, So any organization consists of a number of human resources who move towards achieving the organizational goals. Thus group effort is needed for the smooth running of any business. But when there is more than one person involved in an activity, it is very clear that there may be chances for conflicts among them. Conflict is inevitable and necessary for the growth of any organization though it is harmful sometimes.

When people with different backgrounds, temperaments, points of view, values, needs, personalities, and attitudes interact, it is likely that some type of conflict may arise. The conflict may also develop due to perceptual differences of an individual. It is a conscious awareness of occurrences, events, or happenings in one’s surroundings that may be considered threatening and derogatory such as loss of authority, role conflict, unequal or unfair treatment, status incongruities, and goal differences. Conflicts may also be encouraged by actions, constraints, and demands of the organization and responsibilities to be performed by the worker.

Conflict – Meaning

Conflict is a process in which an effort is purposefully made by one person or unit to block another that results in frustrating the attainment of the other’s goals or the furthering of his interests.

Definition Of Conflict

“A process that begins when one party perceives that another party has negatively affected, or
is about to negatively affect something that the first party cares about”.

“The struggle between incompatible or opposing needs, wishes, ideas, interests, or people. Conflict arises when individuals or groups encounter goals that both parties cannot obtain satisfactorily”.

Tamilnadu Cements Corporation Ltd

M/S Tamilnadu Cements Corporation Ltd [TANCEM] Regional office is functioning at 735, Anna Salai, Chennai-2. TANCEM’S Ariyalur unit was commissioned on 1st August 1979 and commercial Production commenced on 9th September 1979. TANCEM owned two cement units, one at Ariyalur and another at Alangulam. In addition to cement units, TANCEM has one Asbestos sheet unit at Alangulam. Asbets pressure pipe factory at Mayanur in Karur District and Stoneware pipe unit at Virudhachalam.

TANCEM plant installed capacity of the cement plant is 5 lakhs tonnes per annum. It’s a modern dry-process cement plant. The cement plant is located about 3 km east of Ariyalur on Kallakurichi road. Ariyalur is on the broad gauge section of the Tiruchirappalli – Virudhachalam chord line of Southern Railways. It is well connected by road. Trichy is about 60kms south of west and Thanjavur is about 45kms south of Ariyalur.


Title – Project Report On Study Of Conflict Management Strategies

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