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Project Report On Wise Lists (IOS Application)

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This is the era of Information Technology. Its significance is vital in our lives because it presents infinite opportunities for growth, development and entertainment, all this through some unique concepts or some applications. A key ingredient for the entertainment applications to be successful is the state-of-art net infrastructure to converge different media and sources with integral knowledge and clear concept are very essential. This has been the main motivation for our launching ChicMic as an intensive unit of Training and Development centre.


This project is aimed at developing an application to handle the daily scheduling of task and automatically gives the notification on the alarm time of task. Some features of this system will be creating tasks, searching task, set locations on the map for task, creating lists for tasks, adding friends through email or through facebook, assigning a task to one or more friends. You can also check your today‟s due task or all due tasks.

Thus summary of my project‟s objective is as follows:-

  • Provide better understanding between through User Interface.
  • Provide a user friendly environment so that user can easily add a task.
  • To maintain and store Task details, Task list details, Friend details and Friend Circle detail that will help in overall processing.
  • It stores task status (done/ not done) and provides the status of the task in the task List.
  • Provide scheduling of Tasks on the basis of time as well as on Locations.

Title -Wise Lists (iOS Application)

Author – Himanshu Garg


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