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Recruitment, Training, and Retention in Call Center at Info Edge India Ltd

Introduction Of The Study

This project report tells us about the company i.e. Info Edge India Ltd, department, the recruitment and selection procedure they adopt for their organization, and the assessment of training needs by confidential report (CR) method.

This project report specifies the conditions, which should be fulfilled by the prospective employee to get recruited in. The report also specifies the various methods of training and developing the employees. The identification of training is based upon the individual’s organizational and customer needs, with employees going in for technical, soft skills training, and organizational development.

Along with discussing the recruitment and selection procedure, this report also tells us the importance of effective hiring and training. This research study is descriptive in nature. Both the sources of data collection viz primary and secondary have been used in this report. A questionnaire has been conducted with around 24 questions concerning the recruitment, selection, and training & development practices undertaken in. A thorough analysis has also been done on the responses given by the respondents based upon which conclusions have been drawn.

Objectives Of The Study:

The objective of this study is

  • To analyze the recruitment and training process at
  • To get the practical knowledge and experience of working


This study is being conducted at Noida, which has about 1400 employees working in different capacities in different departments.

Significance Of Study

There is no doubt that we have acquired a lot of knowledge from our theoretical subjects but nobody can be the master of practical knowledge without going to the actual workplace which is the official environment of any organization.

The primary aim of sending a trainee to an official environment is to give the trainee a first-hand feel of the organization which further helps the trainee to develop the ability to apply multi-disciplinary concepts, tools, and techniques to solve the organization’s problems.

Company Profile

The Beginning

In March 1997, as the influence of the Internet was beginning to grow in India, was launched as a floorless employment exchange. A platform for employers and job seekers, to meet and exchange information. The site was launched, with databases of jobs, resumes, and placement consultants. In October 1997, the service went commercial. By then more than 50 companies had tried the services and were satisfied with the responses received. Since then, the client list has increased to over 25,000 companies.

Info Edge started in 1989 and was gradually taken over by Info Edge (India) Pvt. Ltd which was incorporated on May 1, 1995. It was in the business of selling reports and providing project and marketing-related consulting services to its clients. Info Edge also provided management consulting services to a number of clients in India and abroad.

In 1991 the Department of Telecommunications began to experiment with Videotex services. Info Edge registered as an information provider with DOT for providing information about vacancies over Videotex. The Videotex pilot project of DOT however did not take off and Info Edge was forced to abandon its plans for this service. Over the next few years, Info Edge evaluated the idea of providing job information to the public independently. Still, it was unable to identify a financially viable technology backbone till the Internet entered India.


Title – A Study Of Recruitment Process And Identification Of Training Of Employees & Retention In Info Edge India Ltd, Call Center Department

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