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Report On Raymond Limited (Textile Division)

Raymond Brands

RAYMOND: For over 80 years, Raymond has been counted as one of the world’s premier manufacturers of worsted suiting fabric in fine-grade wool; in the same league as the finest that Europe has to offer. Today, the Raymond product range includes pure wool, wool blended with exotic fibers like camel hair, cashmere, and angora, and innovative blends of wool with polyester, linen, and silk. Offering suiting and trousering fabric for all occasions and needs.

Our domestic distribution is spread far and wide with more than 30,000 outlets that stock and sell our wide range of fabrics. Fine products, a wide range, superb distribution, and intelligent advertising support have helped the company gain a dominant share of the market. No wonder, premium labels from the world’s fashion capitals prefer Raymond.

MANZONI: Manzoni is a luxury lifestyle brand offering the discerning customer a super premium
range of formal wear and sportswear including shirts, suits, trousers, jackets, ties, and leather
accessories. Our exclusive designs provide customers with the best in contemporary international style and
luxury. Each garment is crafted from the most exotic cotton silk, linen, and superfine wool, the best-in-the-world linings, interlinings, and threads sourced from around the globe.

PARK AVENUE: Launched in 1986, Park Avenue is today, India’s most admired formal wear brand. It offers stylish and innovative wardrobe solutions to gentlemen for all their dressing needs, be it Business, Evening Leisure, Travel, or Heritage Wear. The brand has received several awards. Recently, it had the honor of being the ‘Most Admired Brand’ at the Lycra Images Fashion Awards 2007 for the third consecutive year. Crossing the gender divide, Park Avenue launched ‘Park Avenue Woman’ – a complete range of Business Wear for women. ‘Park Avenue Woman’ is designed especially for the working women professionals of today.

Scope & Objectives


a) To enhance the knowledge of being a management trainee.
b) Training in a multinational company like Raymond gives the idea of huge management work having interlinks in the different countries.
c) The training has given us an idea of working in different departments like production, stores, finance, personnel, marketing, etc.


i) The basic objective of the training was to get through the different management concepts through production, personnel, finance as well as with the marketing department.
ii) Also we had an increase in knowledge of Engineering through the managerial concepts.
iii)To apply the theoretical knowledge to learn the various aspects of management.

Production Process

Raw Materials:

Wool: The Merino brand of wool is imported from Australia, and supplied as Tops by the wool Scouring and Grey Combing department.

Polyester: A man-made synthetic fiber which is in the form of staple fiber or tow. There are three varieties – Normal, Sparkle, and Low pill.

Viscose: A regenerated cellulosic fiber that is made from wood pulp. Generally, it is dope-dyed by suppliers and is in fibrous form.


Title – In-plant Training Report Raymond Limited (Textile Division)

Author – Mr. Santosh D. Amilkanthwar

College – Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad  

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