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Study On Customer Relationship Management In Maruti Suzuki

Definition Of CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a term applied to processes implemented by a company to handle their contact with their customers. CRM software is used to support these processes, storing information on customers and prospective customers. Information in the system can be accessed and entered by employees indifferent departments, such as sales, marketing, customer service, training, professional development, performance management, human resource development, and compensation.

Why CRM Should Be Used

In the commercial world the importance of retaining existing customers and expanding business is paramount. The costs associated with finding new customers mean that every existing customer could be important.The more opportunities that a customer has to conduct business with your company the better, and one way of achieving this is by opening up channels such as direct sales, online sales, franchises, use of agents, etc. However, the more channels you have, the greater the need to manage your interaction with your customer base.

Objective Of Study

Some of the basic objectives are as follows:

  • To study and understand various aspects of Customer relationship management at MARUTI SUZUKI.
  • To study the company’s procedures conducted by Maruti Suzuki for retaining their customers.
  • To study the current market trends in customer relationship management.
  • To study the company’s efforts in maintaining and motivating the advisors for building a new customer.
  • To study the future aspects of Maruti Suzuki in respect of its customers.
  • To know about the customer satisfaction level and increase customer satisfaction level, and to know about that are they getting exactly what they want.

Title -A Study of Sbi Mutual Funds

Author – Divay Goyal

College -Department of commerce and management GGDSD College 

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