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Study On Factors Behind Decreasing Market Share & Consumer Behavior

Executive Summary

The project was started on 8th of April after knowing all the relevant information about the different milk varieties available, under the guidance of Mr.Dhiman Sen (E.O.Officer).The first part of my project involves the study of distributors allocated to me Identification of their problem areas and helping them in order to increase sale. For this I used the method of personal interviews and questionnaires. At the same time , they were being made aware of the incremental scheme of Mother dairy for the distributors. Along with the distributors a study of retailers was conducted to better understand the grievances and identify the gaps.

Need Of The Study

The project was an attempt to know the reasons behind low sale of milk of Mother dairy in Delhi. Despite of being the first in the industry,and having the first mover advantage and the brand name, the sale has fallen down incredibly due to competitors like Amul ,Metro dairy , Red Cow and others. There is a need to revamp the company and position it all over again in the mind of the consumers. In doing so firstly the grievances of the distributors and the retailers were required to be solved in order to encourage them for push sales. Secondly a study of consumers decision making factors is required in order to understand their priorities which can be worked upon.


Title -Study Of Identifying Factors Behind Decreasing Market Share And Study Of Consumer Behaviour

Author -Amit Kumar

College – Institute of Advanced Management & Research 

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