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We know e-commerce in the global economy is the rapidity with which Internet use has grown and spread during the last decade. The boom in e-commerce also includes increased use of other media for trade, such as the telephone, television, fax, and electronic payment.

As we know Flipkart and SnapDeals are the two fastest-growing companies in the e-commerce sector. So, by taking these two companies as an example I want to understand the e-commerce sector in India and also study what are the various marketing strategies that are opted by these two companies in order to maximize their sales and revenue.

Research Objectives

  1. To understand the current trend in online promotion.
  2. To understand the strategies of competitors.
  3. To explore the services provided by Flipkart.
  4. To explore the marketing strategies of Flipkart.
  5. To know the acceptance of services provided by Flipkart in the market.
  6. To provide a few recommendations to Flipkart.

The Internet And The Marketing Concept

The range of specialist marketing functions carries out within many organizations. Such functions include market research, brand/product management, public relations and customer service.

An approach or concept that can be used as the guiding philosophy for all functions and activities of an organization. Such a philosophy encompasses all aspects of a business. Business strategy is guided by an organization’s market and competitor focus and everyone in an organization should be required to have a customer focus in their job.


Title -Summer Training Project Report On Marketing Strategies Of

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