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Training & Development Survey At BSNL

Human Resource Management is defined as the people who staff and manage organization. It comprises of the functions and principles that are applied to retaining, training, developing, and compensating the employees in organization. It is also applicable to non- business organizations, such as education, healthcare, etc Human Resource Management is defined as the set of activities, programs, and functions that are designed to maximize both organizational as well as employee effectiveness. Scope of HRM without a doubt is vast. All the activities of employee, from the time of his entry into an organization until he leaves, come under the horizon of HRM. The divisions included in HRM are Recruitment, Payroll, Performance Management, Training and Development, Retention, Industrial Relation, etc. Out of all these divisions, one such important division is training and development. is a subsystem of an organization. It ensures that randomness is reduced and learning or behavioral change takes place in structured format.


  • To find out the relevance of training and development in achieving goals of the organization
  • The basis on which the training is planned and scheduled
  • To study the different methods of training at BSNL
  • To find out whether the training activities is aligned with overall goals of the organization
  • To study the relationship between performance and training

Traditional And Modern Approach Of Training And Devlopment

Traditional Approach – Most of the organizations before never used to believe in training. They were holding the traditional view that managers are born and not made. There were also some views that training is a very costly affair and not worth. Organizations used to believe more in executive pinching. But now the scenario seems to be changing.

Modern approach – Training and development is that Indian Organizations have realized the importance of corporate training. Training is now considered as more of retention tool than a cost. The training system in Indian Industry has been changed to create smarter workforce and yield the best results.



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