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Automated Roti and Puri Maker Press project


Roti and puri, staple elements of Indian cuisine, require skill and effort to prepare. The traditional process of hand-pressing and rolling the dough is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Our Automatic Roti Puri Maker Motorized Press is designed to automate and simplify this process, allowing anyone to make these flatbreads effortlessly and quickly.

How the Automatic Press Works

  • Mechanism: The press utilizes a motorized system with a ball screw mechanism, ensuring even and stable pressure for perfectly flat rotis and puris.
  • Design: It consists of four plates powered by a high torque DC motor. The bottom two plates press the dough, while the top plate, secured by three supporting rods, houses the motor.
  • Operation: As the motor rotates, the screw mechanism moves the nut horizontally, translating this motion into a vertical press. The direction of the screw’s rotation determines the press’s movement, either pressing down to flatten the dough or retracting to release the finished product.


  • DC Motor: Drives the pressing mechanism, providing sufficient torque for even and consistent flattening.
  • Screw and Nut Mechanism: Converts the motor’s rotational movement into vertical pressing action.
  • Press Plates: Where the dough is placed and pressed into flatbreads.
  • Supporting Rods and Frame: Ensures alignment and stability of the pressing motion.
  • Base and Supporting Frame: Provides a sturdy foundation for the entire apparatus.


  • Time-Saving: Reduces the time and effort required to make rotis and puris, making it ideal for busy households or commercial settings.
  • Consistency: Produces uniformly flat and well-cooked rotis and puris, ensuring quality with every use.
  • Ease of Use: Simplifies the roti and puri making process, making it accessible to individuals of all cooking skill levels.


The Automatic Roti Puri Maker Motorized Press revolutionizes the way traditional Indian flatbreads are made. Its innovative design and efficient operation make it a valuable addition to any kitchen, significantly reducing the effort and time involved in cooking. Whether for home use or in a commercial setting, this machine ensures that everyone can enjoy freshly made rotis and puris with minimal effort.

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