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Cam Shaft Mechanism DIY Ventilator Project


The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the critical need for accessible medical equipment, especially ventilators. The Revolutionary Cam Shaft DIY Ventilator is designed to meet this need, offering a low-cost yet effective solution to support patients with respiratory issues. It’s an innovative approach to healthcare equipment, particularly useful in crisis situations where traditional ventilators might be in short supply.

Mechanism and Design

  • Cam Shaft Mechanism: The DIY ventilator utilizes a cam shaft mechanism, converting the rotational motion of a stepper motor into the linear motion needed to press a ventilator bag. This action mimics the human diaphragm’s movement, providing inflation and deflation at controlled rates to assist breathing.
  • Stepper Motor Control: The rate of breaths per minute and the air volume delivered can be precisely controlled through the stepper motor’s RPM, adjustable for patient-specific needs.
  • Silicon Ventilator Bag: A crucial component that is gently pressed to simulate the breathing process.


  • Breath Rate and Volume Adjustment: Ability to deliver 10 – 30 breaths per minute with adjustable air volume for each breath.
  • Inhalation to Exhalation Ratio: Settings to adjust the time duration for inhalation versus exhalation.
  • Vital Monitoring: Equipped with blood oxygen and pressure sensors to continuously monitor patient’s vitals and adjust accordingly.
  • Emergency Alert System: An integrated buzzer alerts caregivers to any anomalies or critical changes in patient condition.


  • Affordability: Significantly cheaper than commercial ventilators, making it accessible for low-resource settings.
  • Flexibility: Customizable settings for breath rate, volume, and inhalation/exhalation ratios to cater to individual patient needs.
  • Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of vital signs ensures patient safety and effective ventilation.


  • Stepper Motor
  • Silicon Ventilator Bag
  • Blood Oxygen Sensor
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Controller Circuitry
  • And various mechanical components for structure and movement.


The Cam Shaft Mechanism DIY Ventilator is a testament to innovation in crisis response, offering an affordable and effective solution for respiratory support. It stands as an example of how technology can be leveraged to create accessible healthcare solutions, especially in times of global health emergencies.

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