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Government Budget And Its Components

3.5 04 INTRODUCTION: In the modern world, every go government aims at maximizing the welfare of its country. It requires a number of infrastructural, economics and welfare activities. All these activities require huge expenditure to be incurred. This requires appropriate planning and policy of the solution to all these problems …

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Micro Finance And Its Impact

0.0 00 INTRODUCTION: Microfinance is a very popular term in today’s financial market scenario. As the name suggests, it refers to Micro-Credit or Micro-Loan. It refers to banking or financial service that is offered by banks or other financial institutions to individuals who belong to low income or underprivileged sections …

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Cashless Economy – Economy Project CBSE 12th

3.3 06 INTRODUCTION There are various countries in the world which are going cashless. They use non-cash payment for day-to-day consumption and expenditure. The awareness about the non-cash method and cashless societies are introduced here. There are various reasons in which the country is to be digitalized. It has become …

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