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Marketing Research And Sales & Distribution Of Haldiram’s

Executive Summary

There are many varieties of snacks foods, which are produced in India, and the type of snack food varies according to the region. The snacks market has changed with the advent of innovative products. It has emerged as a fast, customized and large market. There is also a changing perception of consumers towards processed foods, served in centralized food service system. The primary reason for these changes is the dynamic marketing environment in the snacks business. Changes in the marketing environment have generated a need to reconsider the managerial perspectives on marketing in the snacks business.


This project is done through EDS and under the title “Marketing and Sales &Distribution” Preparing this project I went to each and every distributors & retailers because I was doing market research & sales research. It include, total market volume that is being sold in grocery shop small shops and from distributors and retailers shopping malls big bazaar, and others where chips and namkeens are sold. I have collected about all the product of Haldiram’s but worked basically for chips and Namkeens segments.


Title -Marketing Research And Sales & Distribution Of Haldirams

Author -Ashwani Kumar

College -Institute Of Advanced Management And Research

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