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Project On Consumer Awareness Of Online Shopping

Background Of The Study

The Internet has affected the style of buying habit of people and has rapidly evolved changed into a global phenomenon. Many companies have started using the internet with the aim of cutting marketing costs, thereby reducing the price of their products and services to stay ahead in highly competitive markets. The purpose of this project is on awareness of different types of online buyers towards online shopping the study has been made on consumer awareness on online shopping taken Amazon as subject to do the case study.

Need Of The Study

The objective of this research study is to investigate online consumer awareness, which in turn provides E-marketers with a constructional framework for fine-tuning their E-businesses’ strategies.

Literature Review

The studies on consumer’s perception on online shopping and other rented topic in the Indian context are limited as the online shopping has entered into the market only a few years only. The literature so far reviewed relates to the studies conducted outside India especially in the United States where the online shopping is a big hit.

Objective Of The Study

  • To know the consumer awareness and perception about the products provided on Amazon for online shopping.
  • To analyse the satisfaction levels of the customers of online purchase on Amazon.
  • To know how Amazon company is better in compare to any Online shopping platform.

Title -Consumer Awareness On Online Shopping

Author -Sahitya Sarkar

College -Bhawanipur Education Society College

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