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Project Report On A Study Of Customer Satisfaction Levels Towards Royal Enfield


This market survey report is based on the survey, which has been done in the Moradabad city. The main objective of the survey is to study the customer satisfaction towards Royal Enfield. The data used for the analysis is primary data and collected through the use of questionnaire. The respondents were the customer of Royal Enfield.

The sample size of my research is 50, and the respondents are customers, a questionnaire consisting of 14 questions has been used to make this market survey report. The data have been tabulated and shown in the form of a pie chart. Then it is interpreted and analyzed and further the conclusion of the study is drawn.And I have asked some questions to customers through which I am avail to conduct this market survey report. I believe that this market survey report will help to the reader for better understanding of the attitude of the customer.

Indian Two Wheeler Market

Ever since the old Lambretta scooter was replaced with the flurry of vibrant two wheeler models, Indian two wheeler industry has seen a phenomenal change in the way they perceive the Indian market. Two wheeler manufacturers are now competing in an ever growing consumer market by bringing out new products and features.

The country has now grown into the second largest producer of two wheelers in the world. Currently there are around 10 two-wheeler manufacturers in the country, and they are Bajaj, Hero, Hero Honda, Honda, Mahindra/Kinetic, Royal Enfield, Suzuki, TVS, and Yamaha. There have been various reasons behind this growth. Because of poor public transport system, the citizens found convenience in 6 two wheelers. Added to this is the fact that the average Indian still does not have the purchasing capacity for a more expensive, four wheeler.

Future Projections

  • The Indian automobile industry is expected to grow to US$ 40bn by 2015 from the current level of US$ 10bn in 2009. By the year 2016 the industry is expected to contribute 10% of the nation’s GDP. The industry manufacturers over 11mn vehicles a year employing more than three million people.
  • The greatest challenge and competition would be from the Chinese automobile industry. It has been able to give stiff competition to India in terms of productivity, cost of manufacturing and technology. Again the present trend of excess manufacturing capability, reduced margins put additional pressure on the industry.
  • On the positive side, India’s strength in software sector, combined with skilled labor and low cost of manufacturing should place it in a favorable position globally.

Title – Dissertation Project Report On A Study Of Customer Satisfaction Level Towards Royal Enfield

Author – Sandeep Viswal

College -Omkarananda Institute Of Management And Technology Rishikesh 

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