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Project Report On Food Processing Industry

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Though the Indian economic reform process commenced in 1991, it is only in the last five to seven years that the country‘s GDP has accelerated well past the 7 to 8 per cent per annum growth rate. There is clear evidence of discernible increase in purchasing power in many parts of the country and rising affluence in many urban pockets. Globalization, urbanization, Relaxation of import policies, rising income, growth of organized retailing, economic growth, impact of visual media and changing lifestyles and food habits have opened the doors for the entry of imported food products from across the globe.


India has traditionally been an agrarian society and agriculture is a key sector of the Indian economy. In the 1950s, the contribution of agriculture to the overall GDP was in the range of 51 per cent. However, growing emphasis on the industry and service sectors and changes in the Indian economy has resulted in a drop in the proportion of the agriculture sector. Today, agriculture contributes around 18 per cent to the GDP and accounts for about 15 per cent of the total exports. Nearly 58 per cent of the population still depends on agriculture for a livelihood.


Title -Project Report On Food Processing Industry

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