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Advanced Automatic Noodle-Making Machine Project


In today’s fast-paced culinary world, the demand for noodles is ever-increasing. From chowmein to hakka noodles, these staples form the base for numerous beloved dishes. To meet this rising demand efficiently, our advanced automatic noodle making machine provides a timely and innovative solution.

The Inefficiency of Traditional Methods

Traditional noodle preparation involves manual labor and time-intensive processes, often resulting in inconsistent quality and lengthening the time it takes to serve customers. With the volume of noodle-based dishes such as chowmein continuing to grow in popularity, a faster and more reliable method has become essential.

The Technology Behind the Automatic Noodle Machine

Our automatic noodle making machine offers a streamlined process that handles everything from mixing the dough to cutting the noodles. The machine features a batter/feeder funnel equipped with mixers that channel the dough into roller arrangements. These rollers flatten the dough into sheets, which are then straightened and cut into perfect, uniform noodles by custom-designed cutting rollers.

Key Components

  • Batter/Feeder Funnel: Where the dough is initially placed.
  • Rollers: Used for flattening the dough into sheets.
  • Noodle Cutting Roller: Custom-designed for cutting thin noodles.
  • Motors and Driving Circuitry: Power the machine for continuous operation.
  • Mounts, Fittings, and Frame: Provide the structural integrity of the machine.

Efficiency and Scalability

Driven by motorized setups and advanced circuitry, the machine can output standard-sized noodles throughout the day without stopping. Its dimensions of 35x45x50 cm make it a compact yet powerful addition to any commercial kitchen.


Whether you’re in the business of chowmein or other noodle-based dishes, the automatic noodle making machine is designed to bring efficiency, uniformity, and scalability to your operation. Its innovative design ensures that you meet the demand for high-quality noodles effortlessly.

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