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Android Controlled DC Motor Speed System Project

The DC Motor Speed Control by Android system represents a significant leap in the control and precision of motor operations. By integrating smartphone technology with robust hardware components, this system offers an intuitive and versatile solution for controlling the speed and direction of DC motors.

System Overview:

The system is ingeniously designed to control the speed of a DC motor in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions using an Android device. At the core of the system is an 8051 microcontroller, interfaced with a Bluetooth module to receive commands from the Android application.

How It Works:

  • Command Reception: The Android app sends speed and direction commands to the Bluetooth module, which then relays this information to the 8051 microcontroller.
  • Motor Control: The microcontroller processes these commands and controls the DC motor through a motor driver IC, adjusting speed and direction accordingly.
  • User Interface: The status and the speed of the DC motor are displayed on an LCD screen, providing real-time feedback to the user. The Android application offers a user-friendly interface to start the motor and adjust speed and direction.
  • Power Supply: The entire system is powered by a 12V transformer, ensuring sufficient energy for motor operation and control components.

Key Components:

  • 8051 Microcontroller: Acts as the central processing unit, handling command interpretation and motor control.
  • Bluetooth Module: Facilitates wireless communication between the Android device and the microcontroller.
  • DC Motor & Motor Driver IC: The primary actuator controlled by the system, with the motor driver IC acting as the interface between the motor and microcontroller.
  • Voltage Regulator IC: Ensures stable voltage supply to the microcontroller and other components.
  • LCD Display: Displays the operational status and real-time speed of the DC motor.
  • Supporting Electronics: Includes resistors, capacitors, transistors, cables, connectors, diodes, PCB, and breadboards necessary for circuit assembly.


  • Remote Operation: Enables control of the motor from a distance, adding convenience and flexibility.
  • Precision Control: Allows for precise adjustments to motor speed and easy switching between clockwise and anticlockwise directions.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Users can monitor the system status and motor speed directly on the LCD display or Android app.
  • Versatility: Applicable in various domains, from educational projects to industrial applications where motor speed control is critical.


This system is ideal for applications such as:

  • Educational Laboratories: Demonstrating principles of motor control and interfacing.
  • Prototype Development: Testing and developing various mechanical systems that rely on DC motors.
  • Industrial Automation: Implementing precise control in conveyor systems, manufacturing processes, or robotics.


The DC Motor Speed Control by Android system offers an innovative and user-friendly approach to controlling motors. With its combination of reliable hardware and intuitive software, it paves the way for advanced control systems in educational, hobbyist, and industrial settings.

Sample Code

// Pseudocode for understanding the logic
Initialize Bluetooth Module
Initialize Motor Driver Pins

while(true) {
    if(Bluetooth Data Available) {
        data = read Bluetooth Data
        if(data == 'increase') {
            Increase Motor Speed
        } else if(data == 'decrease') {
            Decrease Motor Speed
        } else if(data == 'clockwise') {
            Rotate Motor Clockwise
        } else if(data == 'anticlockwise') {
            Rotate Motor Anticlockwise
// Pseudo code for basic understanding

onIncreaseSpeedButtonPress() {

onDecreaseSpeedButtonPress() {

onClockwiseButtonPress() {

onAnticlockwiseButtonPress() {

sendBluetoothCommand(command) {
    // Code to send command via Bluetooth to the microcontroller
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