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Audio Spotlighting is a groundbreaking technology that creates concentrated beams of sound, akin to light beams from a flashlight. This advanced technology allows for targeted audio delivery, enabling specific listeners to hear sound in a designated area while maintaining quietness in surrounding spaces.

Concept and Mechanics

Audio Spotlighting operates on a combination of non-linear acoustics and sophisticated mathematics. It produces inaudible ultrasound pulses that act like a narrow column of sound. As these ultrasound beams move through the air, they undergo predictable distortion due to the non-linear properties of air, resulting in focused audible sound.

Advantages of Audio Spotlighting

  • Targeted Audio Delivery: It allows sound to be directed precisely at specific listeners or areas.
  • Reduced Noise Pollution: Unlike traditional speakers that emit sound in all directions, audio spotlighting minimizes noise pollution.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various applications, from museums and libraries to personal entertainment systems.

Technology Behind Audio Spotlighting

Developed by Holosonic Research Labs and the American Technology Corporation, Audio Spotlighting employs ultrasound-based solutions to beam sound into a focused area. The technology involves a sound processor, an amplifier, and a transducer, working together to create a highly directional sound beam.

Applications and Impact

Audio Spotlighting has a wide range of applications:

  • Personalized Audio Experiences: In public spaces like museums or exhibitions, it provides individual audio without disturbing others.
  • Home Entertainment: Enhances personal entertainment systems by directing sound to specific areas without filling the entire room.
  • Commercial Advertising: Used in advertising to deliver specific messages directly to potential customers.


Audio Spotlighting technology represents a significant leap in sound delivery systems. Its ability to focus sound into coherent, highly directional beams opens up new possibilities for audio experiences, both in public and private spaces.

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