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Automated Crispy Dosa Maker Machine


The Auto Motorized Crispy Dosa Maker Machine is a leap forward in culinary technology, specifically designed for restaurants, hotels, and passionate home chefs. This innovative machine simplifies the process of making dosas, a popular South Indian crepe-like dish, by automating the entire cooking process. With precision engineering and quality materials, it ensures that each dosa is cooked to perfection, crisp and delicious.

How the Dosa Maker Works

  • Rotating Hot Plate: The machine features a stainless steel hot plate that rotates to spread the dosa batter evenly, creating a perfect circular shape every time.
  • Batter Feeding System: A funnel or feeder pours the exact amount of batter needed onto the hot plate. This ensures consistent dosa size and thickness.
  • Roller Mechanism: As the batter spreads, a steel roller flattens it to the desired thickness, ensuring the dosa is uniformly crisp.
  • Automated Cooking: The dosa slowly moves along the hot plate, cooking evenly and crisping up. A geared motor controls the speed, ensuring each dosa is cooked thoroughly.
  • Dosa Removal: Once cooked, a rubber pusher or dosa remover gently lifts the dosa off the plate, ready for serving, while the machine prepares to cook the next one.

Key Features

  • Speed and Efficiency: Designed for bulk cooking, it’s ideal for busy restaurants and hotels, significantly reducing the time and labor involved in dosa making.
  • Consistency: Delivers uniformly cooked dosas with consistent shape and texture, enhancing the dining experience.
  • Quality Construction: Made with a stainless steel plate, durable components, and a robust supporting frame for long-lasting performance.


  • Geared Motor: Drives the rotating hot plate and ensures smooth operation.
  • Stainless Steel Plate: The cooking surface that heats and cooks the dosa.
  • Gas Burner: Provides the necessary heat for cooking the dosa.
  • Steel Roller & Feeder Bowl: Helps in spreading and flattening the dosa batter.
  • Funnel & Castor Wheels: For batter input and machine mobility.
  • Rubber Pusher & Motor Shaft: Assists in dosa removal and machine operation.
  • Radial Bearings, Mounts, and Joints: Ensures smooth movement and stability of the machine.


  • High Productivity: Capable of producing a large number of dosas in a short period, ideal for commercial settings.
  • Reduced Labor: Automates the dosa-making process, freeing up staff for other tasks.
  • Consistent Quality: Maintains a standard of quality in dosa size, thickness, and crispness that is difficult to achieve manually.


The Auto Motorized Crispy Dosa Maker Machine is changing the game in the food industry, offering an efficient, consistent, and user-friendly solution for dosa making. Whether for a busy restaurant or a home kitchen, this machine promises to deliver the perfect dosa every time, making it a valuable addition to any culinary environment.

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